Frequently asked questions

What is expected from the participants of the program? 

As the programming workshops are for free for limited number of participants, you are expected to attend all 4 of them. You are also expected to join us at the closing event on 20. 11. 2019 in ABC Hub, where you will receive confirmation of participation. Remember, among many applicants you have been chosen for this unique opportunity. Make it count. #responsibility 

As we cannot provide so many lap-tops, we are kindly asking for bringing your own with you. 

What if I have no programming knowledge, can I apply on workshops? 

All workshops will be basic so you can easily apply without previous knowledge. We want you to learn new skills! You can also apply for Cybersecurity, Data analysis and SAP Cloud Platform workshop (only in Slovenia), but for advanced workshops basic knowledge is already needed. 

Can I apply if I am an Erasmus Student/foreigner who doesn’t speak local language ? 

We are so sorry, but all the workshop will take part in local language.  

Is the I’mpowered for the future project only open for youth between ages of 16 and 30? 

Anyone between ages of 16 and 30 can apply to programming workshops. You can also apply if you are older, but individuals below 30 will be prioritised when reviewing applications. 

Is the CIC project only open for women? 

No. Anyone can apply, but girls will be prioritised when reviewing applications.

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