WHAT is I'mpowered for the future?

It is a free program, that aims to empower young women with programming knowledge and an awareness of a wide array of jobs that require basic programming skills! We will achieve that through our FREE workshops and by raising awareness through our videos and podcast. While the aim of the of the project is to empower women, the program is open to all genders!

WHY I'mpowered for the future?

Because programming is a necessary skill for most of the future jobs. We know that all genders are equally able to learn programming, but in the last few decades we built stereotype that programming is 'something that boys do'. They do, but that doesn't mean that girls are in any way less able to learn different programming languages and use them in their main job or just as additional knowledge that may help them when faced with an especially hard challenge at work.

WHERE will we I'power for the future?

The project will take place in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia.

WHO will we I'power for the future?

Youngsters between 15 and 30 years old. Girls have an advantage, but the project is open to all genders.

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